Ahoy There Pirate of Purls!

If this is your first time coming to camp, then you need to know that there is homework. (If you’ve come before, rest assured that we will be keeping the standards for homework as high as we have in the past - meaning that we have no standards, really.)

Sock Camp homework is a deeply personal interpretation of a knitting mission we send you on. We give you the mission, you interpret it any way that it suits you to do so, and bring your knitted homework with you when you come. We show them all off, and you explain why on earth you did what you did. We’ve had campers knit chickens, we’ve done raven themed toilet paper covers... one year the theme was Boobies (the bird, not the other sort, but that seemed lost on the participants thank goodness. It was wonderful.) Knitters have done everything from knitted dioramas, to socks to - well. There’s been some strange stuff, but it’s always amazing, and we think this year will be no exception. You can interpret the homework any way you want to, but it has to be knitted, you should keep it (mostly) a secret, and it has to be done by camp. Make it big, make it small, make it anything at all. Do it well, do it badly, but you do have to do it. That’s an order. And we’re pirates this year, so we mean that.

Here’s your inspiration:

I’m a knitting pirate, I knit upon the sea.
I’m at home among the waves and boats, my knitting on my knee.
Some pirates care for parrots, and some care for their rum
Some knitter pirates have a thing for yarn a quaint pond scum.
The proof that I’m a pirate and there’s nothing here amiss
is that since I am a pirate, I have knitted THIS.
It’s just like a pirate, this thing that I’ve made, and I’d never be without it, it will never be mislaid.
Hear me now and fear me, for I have wrought this thing, and don’t bother asking for it, it’s my slammin’ pirate bling.