Announcing the 6th annual Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp, April 19th - 24th.

Join us as we descend upon the wildly wonderful Resort at Port Ludlow for a rollicking sock-knitting filled good time. We’ll pillage and plunder all sorts of treasured knowledge with the help of our guest captives (or teachers, depending on how you look at it)  Lucy Neatby and Carson Demers - and your Captains, Tina Newton and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee have plenty to share. First-Mate Debbi Stone will be on hand, as usual, and is sure to keep us all in stitches. If we’re good  she won’t make us walk the plank. (We thought that was just a joke, but it turns out there really will be a plank.)
Sock Camp is, first and foremost, a great opportunity to attend sock specific classes, but as always, it’s more that that.  This time you’ll be able to let your inner pirate out to play, whatever type of pirate that is. If you’re more Penzance than Blackbeard we’re just fine with that.

We’ll sail the seas (we mean that literally, this time there’s a great whale watching afternoon, sailing straight out of Port Ludlow) eat great food, show off our homework (the sock camp homework is famous - and mandatory, although your interpretation will be deeply personal) and you’ll rest, and knit, and learn, and meet new friends. We’ve re-imagined much of Camp this year to keep it fresh and exciting for returning campers, with new activities, evening and afternoon workshops with our teachers. We’re keeping a few favourite activities, while embracing many new ones. Also new this year (because pirates are fiercely independent) there will be no tribe or team activities. It’s every knitter for themselves.

So, you think you’ve done camp? You haven’t. Not this one. Come on all of you landlubbers, Knit like a pirate - on vacation. 

Teachers and Classes:

Lucy Neatby (the closest thing we could get to an actual pirate, she used to be a Merchant Navy navigating officer) is going to teach you the intriguing art of double knitting for socks.

Carson Demers (who isn’t anything like a pirate, but you’ll still adore him) is a physical therapist who specializes in teaching ergonomics. He’ll serve up a special class for sock knitters. What are the perils of knitting a sock? Learn where ergonomic risk lurks in knitting socks and what you can do to reduce it.

Tina Newton (also, not a pirate but desperately wishes she was) will take you into the dyeroom to experiment with shading and layering colours.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (who really isn’t a pirate because she would look bad in the hat) will teach a class of Advanced Sock Survival, complete with tricks, tips and sock history, all designed for the sock master.


  • opening night reception
  • three meals for all 4 days lovingly prepared for you by Chef Dan and crew. (Let us know if you need something special.) (departing day breakfast not included)
  • a Camp T-shirt (Check our Contest.)
  • one skein of Socks that Rock® in the camp colourway
  • a 4-5 hour whale watching trip 
  • all supplies and materials for classes (not needles or tools, you bring your own)
  • all kinds of prizes and goodies
  • three hours of classes in the morning each day, followed by afternoon and evening fun and workshops.

Cost: $925.00.

Registration is now open.

Lodging is not included, but you can make reservations at the special camp rates.